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Spaander Marina provides boat trips on the Gouwzee where everything is possible. We not only offer individual tickets, but you can also choose to have a tailor-made package put together for groups.

Girlfriends Day

Friendship Day in Volendam: Sailing on the Gouwzee

Are you the lucky one tasked with organizing a fun Friendship Day this time? You undoubtedly want to come up with something more exciting than the standard high tea or dinners. Your friends should all know that you are the creative mind behind the best ideas. In this article, we share the golden tip with you: opt for a Friendship Day in Volendam! On this day, everything is included, and you need to arrange very little. Below, you can read what you can expect from us.

Departure from Volendam

Strolling through Volendam is already an experience in itself. It's no wonder that the village attracts so many tourists from both the Netherlands and abroad each year. The folkloric costumes, picturesque houses, and the finest eel in the Netherlands are well-known attractions. This already makes Volendam a great starting point for an amazing friends' outing.

After catching a glimpse of the village, it's time to head to the harbor of Volendam. From there, the Friends' Day in Volendam will truly begin. Your friends will undoubtedly be surprised that the whole group is going to sail on the Gouwzee.

Luxury catering on the boat

The Gouwzee is a beautiful and typically Dutch natural environment. From the boat, you can see how extensive the waters are in our country. That beautiful picture alone makes a day out on a boat so worthwhile. What's also nice is that you don't have to arrange food and drinks yourself.

As Spaander Marina, we work with a fixed catering partner. All you need to do is let us know your food and drink preferences. Together with the caterer, we ensure that everything comes on board. All you have to do then is sit back and enjoy during this delightful Friendship Day in Volendam.

Worry-free Friendship Day

None of you have a boating license? That's not a problem at all. On this Friendship Day, you all want to have your hands free, right? Our skipper will be on board with you. He has unmatched experience in operating sloops.

If the Dutch weather is not cooperating, that's not an issue either. The boat can be covered if it rains. Additionally, the boat has a silent motor, allowing you to chat comfortably while sailing. Does this sound like the perfect friends' outing to you? Then request a quote from us. We look forward to welcoming you on board soon!