Spaander marina

Spaander Marina provides boat trips on the Gouwzee where everything is possible. We not only offer individual tickets, but you can also choose to have a tailor-made package put together for groups.

Shuttle service

Easy Transportation to Volendam City Center

Are you looking for easy transportation to the center of Volendam? Discover a convenient and stress-free way to reach the lively center of Volendam by using our shuttle service. We depart twice a day at 10:30 to the city center and return at 17:00. With our shuttle service, visitors don't need to drive their cars to the busy city center; instead, they can park their cars at the Marina premises and be transported to the center via our sloops.

Utilize our Sloops as Shuttle Service

The shuttle service offers a significant advantage for touring operators as the sloops can accommodate groups of up to 70 people spread across 2 sloops. This provides touring operators the opportunity to transport their guests comfortably and efficiently to the center of Volendam. You won't have to deal with arranging individual transportation or parking issues. With our shuttle service, touring operators can offer their guests a seamless and enjoyable experience.

With a travel time of only 15 minutes, our shuttle service guarantees a smooth and comfortable crossing, allowing you to fully focus on enjoying your visit to Volendam. Take advantage of the convenience and simplicity of our shuttle service and make your time in Volendam even more unforgettable! This shuttle service is set up in collaboration with the province of North Holland.

Register for the Shuttle Service?

By using our shuttle service, you contribute to the preservation of the livability in the center of Volendam and reduce traffic. It's a win-win situation! If you wish to use our shuttle service, you can register via the contact form below. Let us know the number of people traveling with you and the date you want to use the shuttle service. We will then contact you directly!


Dock - Grand Café de Botterwerf

Address: Slobbeland 13, 1131 AA Volendam


Dock - Spaander Marina

Address: Havendijkje 2, 1131 JW Volendam


15 minutes one way, 15 minutes back.