Spaander marina

Spaander Marina provides boat trips on the Gouwzee where everything is possible. We not only offer individual tickets, but you can also choose to have a tailor-made package put together for groups.

Friends weekend in Volendam

Planning a Friends Weekend? Come Sail in Volendam

Are you seeking to organize an unforgettable friends weekend? You're looking for camaraderie, the chance to chat while enjoying delicious food and drinks. Ideally, you want an activity that can proceed regardless of the weather. Perhaps you'd like someone to take charge and handle all arrangements, allowing you to relax and enjoy. An activity where you can unwind without worries and raise a toast to the good life with everyone. Look no further than Spaander Marina: come sail with us and relish the unique beauty of Volendam from the water!

A Memorable Friends Day

What makes a day of sailing with Spaander Marina in Volendam a perfect addition to a successful friends' outing? Let us explain:

Aboard our luxurious boat, you can fully relax with your friends. You won't have to worry about a thing as we gladly take care of your concerns during your friends weekend. We are prepared for various possibilities, so let us know what you desire and challenge us!

Food & Beverages

A high wine or wine tasting in the middle of the Gouwzee? Not a problem. A delightful lunch or tasty snacks onboard? We've got you covered. We collaborate with local partners, ensuring you enjoy a delectable voyage during your friends weekend.

Would you like to make a stop at the Beer Tasting Waterland in Monnickendam or the Eel Smokehouse Smit Bokkum in Volendam? Inform us, and we'll plan the appropriate sailing route for your friends' day.

Skipper, Tell Us More...

Our skipper takes the helm, so you and your friends need not worry about the right sailing route. Curious about the history of Volendam? Feel free to ask the skipper for stories; he delights in sharing the many secrets of Volendam.

Luxury Boat

Thanks to our electric sloops, you'll enjoy a silent motor. Great for the environment and your tranquility! Our luxury boats offer ample space, allowing you to stroll around or change seats occasionally, enabling you to catch up with all your friends during the friends' day.

Anticipating bad weather? We can adapt the boat and fit it with a glass roof. This way, you're guaranteed a comfortable, warm boat trip during your friends' weekend.

Reserve a Boat Trip for Your Friends Weekend Now

Does a relaxing boat trip with Spaander Marina appeal to you for your friends' weekend? Contact us directly to discuss your preferences. We are thrilled to create an unforgettable friends' day for you!