Spaander marina

Spaander Marina provides boat trips on the Gouwzee where everything is possible. We not only offer individual tickets, but you can also choose to have a tailor-made package put together for groups.

Historical Guided Cruise

Sailing across the Gouwzee in CO2-neutral, 100% electric boats, you can relish in this unique experience while being captivated by engaging narratives and the sight of Volendam's authentic monuments and memorials from the water. In approximately 50 minutes, we will traverse the Gouwzee. Your day out in Volendam truly becomes complete with this tour.

We will share captivating stories about the old 'Follendam,' the Volendam fishing boats that roamed the seas, and take you on an aerial journey through the fishing villages of then and now.

Did you know?

Volendam's population distinguishes itself from the rest of the Netherlands in terms of customs, including its distinctive dialect, Volendams. Furthermore, historically, Volendam has been a Roman Catholic village in an otherwise predominantly Protestant environment.